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The Bobbin' Robin Club is a family friendly music series hosted by the Robinwood Station Community Center at 3706 Cedaroak Drive in West Linn, OR.

We feature local musical artists in a casual environment that encourages audience interaction.

Many of these artists performances are not accessible in family friendly venues open for children.

The Bobbbin' Robin Club features a relaxed nightclub setting with our comfy banquet chairs clustered around candlelit cafe tables. Drop in, bring your favorite beverage and snacks, and share a relaxing evening of conversation and wonderful music with your neighbors.

If you have any comments, questions or artist suggestions, please email: forsfeed@gmail.com

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Bobbin’ Robin Club at Robinwood Station is proud to host another no-driving 
(for some of us) sharing economy, potluck snacking, bringing your own libations 
New Years Eve Party.  Drop in and dance, sing and share with your neighbors.

Kicking in at 9pm, the theme this year is PUNK, so dress for distress if you dare! 
Torn tees and jeans or haute couture by Jean Paul Gaultier. 
Black is the new black.
Docs optional.

Our VJs playing vintage lo-rez videos of danceable 
proto-punk from The Animals, The Kingsmen and The Troggs, 
alt / punk from Blondie, The Cars, The Pretenders and Talking Heads, 
and echo-punk by Green Day, Pearl Jam and The White Stripes.

This is a family friendly event with no stage diving, fighting, 
screaming, spitting or live on-stage body piercing.  
We will not apologize to the hard core in advance.

 For the culturally sensitive, please note that some music videos may contain ‘bad’ words or suggestive action. 
Busy volunteers are enjoying the holidays with our families and will not be spending hours bleeping stuff anyone can see on YouTube.

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